joshandlindseyWiseMindBody is dedicated to helping people all over the world live healthy, happy lives of meaning and purpose.

We offer a growing body of transformative online courses, inspiring retreats, and private coaching. We’re here to help you make the changes you know you want to change.

We are based in Bali. We’ve learned so much from this beautiful island and the culture of the Balinese. It’s an honor to get to share the wisdom and love that we’ve experienced on this island.

The work we do is unique. Our approach draws upon Eastern spiritual traditions, Western Psychology, and the timeless lessons of nature. We blend our diverse training to create experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

We are committed to your health, your growth, and your transformation. We believe you can flourish. We’ll teach you practical skills to help you do just that.

Josh Wise, MA

josh-headshot200Josh Wise counsels couples all over the world. He teaches mindfulness-based relationship strategies that help couples bring more love and connection into every-day situations. He’s passionate about helping couples learn practical skills that can help them move beyond their conflict to a place of increased intimacy, respect, and love.

He’s currently the counselor at the Green School in Bali. His work with mindfulness and relationships has been noted in Mindfulness Magazine.

He has master’s degrees in Psychology and Alternative Education. Compelled to continue to learn and grow, Josh is currently writing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology. His research examines meditation, compassion, and relationships. He loves cycling and baseball.

Lindsey Wise

lindsey-headshot200Lindsey is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Craniosacral therapist. She has traveled the world learning meditation, yoga, and music and she’s passionate about sharing these gifts. Lindsey’s gifts have been featured at the Bali Spirit Festival and at retreats and yoga teacher trainings throughout the world. She loves singing, dancing, and playing the guitar in the sunshine.

To be in Lindsey’s presence, is to be in the presence of love. She is a powerful, transformational coach. With a profound gift for intuition and compassion, she can help you remove the energetic blocks that stifle communication and lead to conflict.

Lindsey loves singing, dancing, and playing the guitar in the sunshine.


To contact Josh and Lindsey, please do so via the contact page.