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Breathe. Love. Evolve.

Lindsey-chakraWe’re creating a world where people breathe easier, love more, and live peacefully. It’s time to reclaim our humanity, to reconnect to our hearts, to each other, and to the planet. It’s possible.

It starts here. It starts now. It starts with you.

Be yourself. Be present. Be human. It’s ok to feel emotions, to yearn for something more, and to look for new ways to find it.

We offer simple meditation techniques and practices to reduce stress, cultivate compassion, and increase wellbeing. Try it and notice how you feel.

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Our Guided Meditation Programs

This Sleep Meditation will help you fall gently into deep and restful sleep. Enjoy restful sleep tonight.


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Relax and let Lindsey Wise guide you on a 48-minute healing journey through the chakras.


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This is a Free Mindfulness Meditation. It’s a great place to start for beginning meditators.


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5 simple guided mindfulness meditations to help you reduce stress and develop a practice for wellbeing.


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25 Days of Presence

25 guided mindfulness meditations by Josh and Lindsey Wise to help you create peace within and peace on earth.


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Loving Now - Guided Meditations for Couples - Josh Wise

These 4 guided meditations for couples will help you and your partner connect and cultivate intimacy.


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