The Benefits of Meditation

  The evidence continues to pile up: meditation is good for you. People who practice meditation are better able to manage stress and anxiety. They’re also better able to deal with feelings of depression. People who meditate are happier and even have better immune systems. After all, look how happy that woman looks in the … Keep reading The Benefits of Meditation

How to Sustain a Meditation Practice

Does practice make perfect? No, but it makes healthy. At least in the case of a meditation practice. It’s no secret that regular meditation practice increases wellbeing. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and to help people manage pain. It’s been shown to decrease depression and to increase wellbeing. Meditation even … Keep reading How to Sustain a Meditation Practice

I love to write while I listen to this…

I made this video earlier today with the soothing sounds of the ocean. The video is over 75 minutes of wave sounds. I usually only listen to waves when I’m at the beach, but today was different. I haven’t been able to stop listening to the waves. They have a gentle rhythm that makes me … Keep reading I love to write while I listen to this…

Meditation for Anxiety [Video]

Here’s a meditation that I recorded and put on YouTube to help you reduce anxiety and stress. It’s time to relax. Listen to this meditation. Close the door. Turn off the cell phone and take ten minutes for yourself. Notice how this meditation makes you feel. Download a free guided meditation by clicking here. How … Keep reading Meditation for Anxiety [Video]

Reduce Anxiety with An App?

I came across this on today and I find it pretty fascinating. Psychologists have developed an app for the iPhone that is a simple game, designed to reduce anxiety. Their preliminary studies show that this game can reduce levels of anxiety in 25 minutes. How does it work? The game is simple. There are … Keep reading Reduce Anxiety with An App?