How to Be Happy [Infographic]

If you’re like a lot of people, you’d like to be a little happier. You daydream about that day when all the stress will be gone and there you will be: happy, smiling, and basking in pure happiness. Then you will have made it to the land of happy. Only then will you be truly happy.

I get caught up in that daydream from time to time. But that isn’t really how happiness works.

For one thing, happiness doesn’t ever happen in the future. It can only ever happen now.

I’m not saying you won’t be happy in the future, I’m saying that when time passes and you get to that point in the future, it will become now.

So happiness needs to start now. It’s not a destination. It’s a journey.

Well, how does happiness work? And how can you be happier?

Happiness is a practice. There’s a science to it. Doing certain things will make you happier.

The happy people over at Happify have created this infographic that tells you quite a bit about what we know about happiness and how to actually be happy.

A few happy highlights:

  • Happy people live longer
  • Happy people heal faster
  • People who practice gratitude are happier
  • Money doesn’t actually make us happy
  • Mindfulness meditation activates parts of the brain that are connected with happiness
  • Savoring the little things is a key to happiness
  • Our relationships with others are a key to happiness

How to be happy — Infographic